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Try our Dry Steam Cleaning Service for Ambulance and Mobilty Vehicles – powered by Lamborghini



We are using fully professional and specialised equipment. In heart of whole process we decided to place a hi-performance, most powerful and extremely mobile steam cleaner – FORTADOR! Components of FORTADOR are produced by a world-class manufacturer – Lamborghini. Only original equipment ensure reliability and high efficiency.

Together with hi end equipment we are pround of our skilled and fully trained staff, whos experience and professionalism allow us to provide highest level of service. Each member of our staff is completely trained and CRB checked. Our employee are bounded by confidentiality, privacy and data protection statements, and all required certificates can be presented when requested.

Years of expereience in highly demanding cleaning business gave us a knowledge about requirements and high standards of clients needs.

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  • Improved bactericidal efficiency – proven effective against Superbugs (like MRSA)
  • Reduced usage of chemicals and low water consumption – environmental friendly!
  • Safe for delicate on board equipment – dry steam contains only 5% of water!
  • Instant clean and dry surface – steam connected with suction instantly removes both dirt and a moisture.
  • Steam provides level of cleaning not achievable for traditional cleaning.


Many areas of ambulance are hardly accessible for traditional cleaning techniques. However, steam cleaning operates at high temperature and pressure, it reaches deeply into any fabric material as well as any hardly accessible places, providing instant removal of any dirt, germs, fungus, bacterial and much more, leavning an ambulance absolutely clean and sterilized.

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Power of steam provides level of cleaning which can’t be beaten by traditional cloth and chemicals. It kills 99% of germs instantly! It is absolutelly safe for delicate and specialised ambulance equipment as dry steam used by us contains only 5% of water!

Skilled operative, with use of steam can quickly provide highest standard of cleaning in any conditions and places, saving time and money. Don’t hesitate and enter 21st century of cleaning with us.

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